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October, 1859. 






UMiversity of North earollna. 

Endowed by the Dialectic and Philan- 
thropic Societies. 

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and is subject to a fine of FIVE 
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was taken out on the day indi- 
cated below: 







October, 1859. 





Glabke8Ville, Yiroinia, October 28th, 1859. 

f*resbyterj met according to adjournment and was opened 
-with a sermon by Kev. E. Hines, Moderator, from Heb. T : 25. 
Constituted with prayer. 

Present : G. W. Ferrill, E. Hines, A. Gurrie, C. K. Caldwell, 
S. A. Stanlield, F. IST. Whaley, T. U. Faucette, J. M. Sherwood, 
J. M. Kirkpatrick, J. W. Montgomery, J. M. Atkinson, P. H. 
Dalton, W. L. Miller, J. B. Shearer, J. Henry Smith, E. H. 
Harding and F. H. Johnston, Ministers, with A. J. Hughes, Hugh 
McAden, Dr. James L. Wortham, S. S. Clayton, T. J. Gregory 
G. W. White, E. I. Smith, J. J. Daniel, M. Y. Lanier, John W. 
Thackston, Dr. C. L. Payne, J, W. Norwood, W. L. Owen, G. 
W. Thompson and W. W. Wharton, Kuling Elders. 

Absent : E. W. Caruthers, D. D., Thomas Lynch, A. Wilson, 
D. D., James Phillips, D. D., J. Doll, E. C. Bittenger, A. G. 
Hughes, Z. Graves, T. G. Wall, P. A. McMartin and T. B. 
Neill, Ministers. 

Kev. Willis L. Miller was chosen Moderator and Pev. T. TJ, 
Faucette and Kev. J. B. Shearer, temporary Clerks. 

The reading of the minutes of the last meeting of Presbytery 
was dispensed with. 

Presbytery then adjourned to meet to-morrow morning at 9 
"©'clock. Closed with prayer. 


Saturday Morning, Oct. 29th, 1859. 

Presbytery met according to adjournment and was opened 
with prayer. 

The minutes of last evening's Session were read and approved. 

Letters were received from J. Doll, T. B. Neill, ISF. Z. Graves 
and A. G. Hughes, Ministers, giving satisfactory reasons for ab- 
sence from the present Sessions of Presbytery. 

A circular letter from the Board of Education was read and 
referred to a Committee consisting of E-ev. A.Currie, Rev. C. K, 
Caldwell and W. W. Wharton. 

The report of the Committee of Domestic Missions was made 
the order of the day for Monday evening at 7 o'clock. 

The Committee apppointed to organize a church at High Point 
and at Leakesvilie, reported that a church had been organized at 
High Point, but that the way was not open for an organization 
at Leakesvilie at present. 

Rev. Stephen Mattoon of the Presbytery of Siam, being pres- 
ent was invited to sit as a corresponding member. 

Satisfactory reasons were rendered by Rev. Messrs. Ferrill, 
Graves and Miller for absence from the last Sessions of Presby- 

The Moderator announced the following additions to the regu- 
lar standing Committees on the examination of candidates : 
On the 1st Committee Mr. W. W. Wharton, 

" 2d ^' Mr. G. W. White, 

" 3d Dr. J. L. Wortham, 

" 4th " Mr. T. J. Gregory, 

" 5th " Dr. C. L. Payne, 

" 6th " Mr. M. Y. Lanier, 

" 7th " Mr. G. W. Thompson, 

" 8th " Mr. R. L Smith. 

A call from the Madison Church for the Pastoral services of 
Rev. D. E. J ordan was presented to Presbytery and being found 
in order was placed in his hands. 

Upon mutual application the pastoral relation between Rev, 
G. W. Ferrill and the Spring Grove Church was dissolved and 
the Rev. T. U. Faucette was appointed^ to visit the church and 
declare it vacant. 

The Kev. E. Anderson of Roanoko Presbytery being pres- 
ent was invited to sit as a corresponding member. 

A call from the church in Fittsboro for the pastoral services of 
Kev. G. K. Caldwell was presented to Presbytery and being 
found in order was placed in his hands and accepted. 

Whereupon the first Sabbath in December was appointed for 
his installation by the following Committee, viz : Rev. James 
Phillips, ~D. D., to preach the sermon and propose the constitu- 
tional questions, and the Rev. A. Currie his alternate, Rev. Jno. 
B. Shearer to change the pastor and people, and the Rev. A. G. 
Hughes his alternate. 

Mr. W. W. Wharton was appointed Treasurer pro tern. 

Rev. Messrs. Caldwell, Shearer and Dal ton were appointed a 
Committee to organize a church at Haywood if the way be open. 

Rev. J. Henry Smith and Mr. W. L. Owen were appointed a 
Committee on th.e Minutes of the General Assembly. 

Rev. Messi;s. Currie and Dalton were appointed a Committee 
to prepare a narrative of the state of religion withm the bounds 
of this Presbytery. 

The following subjects were assigned to Mr. A. Kirkland as 
parts of trial : 

For a Lecture 23d Psalm, 

" " Popular Sermon John 3 : 16. 

« " Critical Exercise Rom. 6 : 16. 

" " Latin Exegesis " An Christus Deus Sit 

The following: Ministers and Ruling Elders were nominated as 
commissioners to the next General Assembly, vi z : Messrs. Mil- 
ler, Kirkpatrick, Hines, Neill and McMartin, Ministers, with 
Messre. D. P. Weir, Stephen ITeal, M. Y. Lanier, E. G. Reade 
and A. W. Yenable. 

Memorials relative to changing the Presbyterial and Synodi- 
cal relations of the Clarksville and Spring Hill churches were 
read and a verbal report was made by the pastor of Danville 
church on the same subject. 

After some discussion the whole matter was referred to a Com= 
mittee consisting of Rev. J. H. Smith, Rev. J. M. Atkinson, Rev. 
J. W. Montgomery and Mr. M. Y. Lanier, 

The semi-annual aermon by Rev. P. A. McMartin was defer- 


red until the next stated meeting of Presbytery in consequence 
of his absence. 

The churches were called on to report if they obey the order 
enjoining the payment of the expenses of their delegates to our 
church judicatories. Whereupon it was 

Resolved^ That those churches which have failed to bear the 
expenses of their delegates to our ecclesiastical meetings, and 
those pastors and stated supplies who have not brought this mat- 
ter before their churches, be and are hereby solemnly reminded 
by this body of their duty. 

A letter from C. Wiley was read, giving satisfactory rea- 
sons for absence from the present Sessions of Presbytery. 

The Committee appointed to visit Chapel Hill made the fol- 
lowing report which was accepted and adopted : 

"The undersigned, a majority of the Committee appointed at 
the last stated Sessions of Presbytery to confer with the par- 
ties who contracted with the Trustees of the University for 
the purchase of the ground, &c., report, that they went to Chap- 
el Hill in August and had a conference with the brethren and 
liave received from them the following statement of the facts 
in the case, viz : 

1. When the lot was purchased from the Trustees of the Uni- 
versity, and while the house was in building, the church mem- 
bers at Chapel Hill deliberately resolved to allow the title to 
remain in the hands of the Trustees of the University ; so that 
that highly respectable and permanent body of men might act 
as Trustees for them, so far as this property was concerned. 
Presbyterianism has always had a fluctuating existence in Chapel 
Hill, and one object that the church had in its decision was to 
secure for the benefit of the students of the University, and under 
the control of the Presbytery of Orange a place of worship, 
where the Presbytery might have its doctrines preached even if 
there were no members of its church in the village of Chapel 
Hill, or among the students or among the Faculty of the Uni- 
versity. The church had not then, and those who composed 
it then have not now, any fear that this trust will ever be abused 
by the Trustees of the University. If it ever should be abused, 
no property in Chapel Hill would be worth claiming. 


Another reason, for thus choosing the Trustees of the Uni- 
versity to be their Trustees as to this lot and the house, was t(y 
put freely and unsolicited into the hands of the Trustees of the 
University a guarantee that whatever might be the aims or the 
results of similar enterprises at Chapel Hill, the builders of 
this house never intended to interfere with the religious instruc- 
tions of the University, either directly or indirectly. They 
would not solicit the presence of the students at this house when 
It would cause an absence from the regular services of the Col- 
lege Chapel, nor would they grant them an opportunity for such 
an absence, nor in any way try to bring the religious exercises 
of the College Chapel into disrespect with the students or with 
the citizens of the village. As these reasons have lost none of 
their influence, those now left to feel them must continue to 
obey them. Therefore while they cannot prevent, they must 
decline to endorse any request that the Trustees of the Univer- 
sity would transfer the title for this house and lot to other Trustees 
appointed by the present church and congregation. 

11. As to the opposition to holding religious worship in this 
house " on Sunday forenoon and at any time simultaneously with 
the performance of Chapel worship," it can be said it is no new 
thing. It was announced at the dedication of the church, the 
paper then read was transmitted to the Trustees of the University 
it was recorded in the session book and there it has been repeat! 
edly read and approved by Presbytery. This position was as- 
sumed when others around us were doing differently, and as 
yet they have seen no good reason for following their example. 
Until some ten years ago all the students in the University were 
required to attend public worship in the College Chapel on 
Sunday morning. While this was the rule, they remonstrated 
with those who began to have religious services simultaneously 
with the College worship, as inaugurating a series of influences, 
which must be injurious to the University and the town. The 
life of the town is drawn from the University and the vigor of 
the University depends on the confidence that the moral and 
religious portion of the public have in its teachings and discip- 

There is no way of controlling the young men who resort to- 


the University, except through their consciences, and the fool- 
ishness of preaching is still the divinely appointed means of 
educating the conscience. That the worship of God should be 
maintained in the College Chapel is to those concerned in this 
cpestion a matter of prime necessity. They think that its support 
ought to be decided and hearty and that its influence should not 
be thwarted by any means direct or indirect. 

Hence they have always deprecated the opening of places of 
worship which would lead the students into the temptation 
of leaving their own preaching, a temptation peculiarly strong 
when aided by denominational antipathies. Afterwards, when 
the present College rule " that students who are communicants 
may attend their own church in the village" was adopted, it be- 
came to them more necessary than ever^to abide by the opposi- 
tion to morning worship in the village. If full opportunities 
were granted to the professedly pious to avail themselves of this 
permission and were the consciences of all trained as some are, 
the effect of this^rule would be to empty the College Chapel of 
every soul able to join in the prayers of the preacher for bles- 
sings on themselves and their associates from a Father in Hea- 
ven. That this lamentable result is not now to be wept over is 
owing mainly to the pertinacity with which some Presbyterians 
have refrained from giving the members of our church the op- 
portunity, which the riile of the Trustees allows them to em- 
brace, when proffered by others. They must still decline to offer 
these opportunities. They asked the brethren abroad to help to 
put up a house " for the benefit of the students of the Univer- 
sity." They firmly believe that a morning service at our church 
would be to the injury immediate and decided, of all the stu- 
dents. It would take the salt in College from the world in Col- 
lege. The salt would not season where Providence intended it 
to act, and the world would go on, unseasoned and corruptible, to 
its full destruction. They cannot consent to use their money 
directly or indirectly to injure their pupils, to impede themselves 
in working for their good, or to prejudice the interests of the 
University from which they derive their support, by, in any 
way, yielding to a movement begun and even now to a con- 
siderable extent, maintained by a feeling that the College Chap- 
el is not a fit place for the worship ot Almighty God. 


The foregoing objections were not removed by the visit of yonr 
Committee to Chapel Hill; they are entertained by three breth- 
ren who are members of the Faculty. Your Committee, how- 
ever, respectfully suggest that inasmuch as the church at Chap- 
el Hill was built as a Presbyterian Church for the benefit of the 
students and to be under the care of Presbytery, there should be 
no departure in regard to title to this particular property from 
th^e usages of our church which are in accordance with the 
laws of the State, that the Presbyterian Church at Chapel Hill 
should be placed upon the same footing of churches of other 
denominations in the village in regard to church privileges. 
It is therefore recommended that a Committee be appointed 
by Presbytery to cooperate with the Trustees of the Presbyte- 
rian congregation at Chapel Hill in an application to the Uni- 
versity Trustees for a proper title to be made to the lot and 
church edifice aforesaid. Your Committee are ot opinion that 
such title would be made, for there has been no evidence 
laid before the Committee that the Trustees of the University 
ever assented to act as trustees of said church or that they de- 
sire now to retain the title, more especially as they have grant- 
ed the privilege to students who are communicants to attend 
their respective churches in the village at the eleven o'clock 
service, and it is not to be supposed that it is in accordance 
with the views of the Trustees to exclude Presbyterian commu- 
nicants from a privilege which is granted to all. 

Eespectfully submitted, 

Whereupon the following preamble and resolution was adopt- 
ed, viz : 

Whereas, Presbytery with a respectful regard to the views 
and feelings of the par ties who contracted for the purchase of 
the lot, on which the church edifice at Chapel Hill is erected, 
have fully and candidly considered their objections and argu- 
ments as the same are set forth in the report of the Committee 
appointed at the last meeting to confer with them, and find 
therein no cause tochange the opinion heretofore expressed by 
the Presbytery in relation thereto. It is therefore. 


Resolved^ In accordance with the recommendation of the 
Committee contained in their report aforesaid, that a Com- 
mittee consisting of Kev. S. A. Stanfield, Rev. Joseph M. Atkin- 
son, Eev. "Willis L. Miller, Messrs. John "W. Norwood, Edwin G. 
Reade, Ralph Gorrell, Giles Mebane and M. Y. Lanier be ap- 
pointed to cooperate in behalf of this Presbytery with the Trus- 
tees of the Presbyterian Church and congregation at Chapel 
Hill in an application to the University Trustees for a proper 
title to be made to the Trustees of the said church of the lot and 
church edifice aforesaid in trust for the use of the said church, 
and report to the Presbytery at its next stated meeting. And 
that the Clerk notify those members of the Committee who are 
not present, of their appointment. 

The ministers present were called on to report as to their obser- 
vance of the 3d chapter of the directory for public worship. 

The Ministers and Elders present reported that they have no 
poor in their congregations supported by public charity. 

Rev. F. N. Whaley was substituted for Rev. P. H. Dalton to 
organize a church in Warrenton it the way be open. 

The missionary supplies were called on to report, and it ap- 
peared that most of them had filled their appointments. 

Hillsboro,' JST. C. was chosen as the place for the next stated 
meeting of Presbytery, to commence on the second Wednesday in 
June 1860 at 8 o'clock, P. M. 

A memorial from Shiloh Church, on the subject of creating 
a permanent fund for the support of disabled ministers, was 
read and referred to a Committee consisting of Messrs. John W. 
Norwood, T. J. Gregory and M. Y. Lanier. 

By invitation the Rev. Mr. Mattoon, of Siam, addressed the 
Presbytery on the subject of Foreign Missions. 

"Whereupon, the following resolution was adopted, viz : 

Besolved^ That the Presbytery of Orange have listened with 
deep interest to the address of the Rev. Mr. Mattoon on the sub- 
ject of Foreign Missions, that they gratefully acknowledge the 
goodness of the Great Head of the church in putting it into the 
hearts of so many to consecrate themselves to the work, and re- 
cognize the obligation which it imposes on them to increase 
their contributions to this object, and therefore most earnestly 


commend its claims to the churches under their care, not for- 
getting to make continued and earnest supplication to God in 
their behalf. 

Presbytery then adjourned to meet on Monday morning at 9 
o'clock. Closed with prayer. 

Monday Mokning, Oct. 31, 1859. 

Presbytery met according to adjournment and was opened 
with prayer. 

The minutes of Saturday v/ere read and approved. 

The Committee on the memorial from Shiloh Church made the 
following report which was accepted and adopted, viz : 

The Committee to whom was referred the memorial from the 
church of Shiloh upon the subject of creating a permanent fund 
for the support of disabled Ministers beg leave to report that 
they have considered the same and deem it inexpedient for the 
Presbytery at present to take action in the matter. 

Rev. F. H. Johnston was appointed to make out the Presbyte- 
rial report to the Synod of C, on the subject of systematic 

The hour for the free conversation on the state of religion hav- 
ing arrived, the subject was taken up. After which the Commit- 
tee appointed to prepare a narrative made a report which was ac- 
-cepted and adopted and a copy ordered to be forwarded to 

The report of the Committee on the circular from the Board 
of Education was read, received and laid on the table. 

The church at Roxboro' was commended to the attention of 
the Presbyterial Committee of church extension. 

The following ministers and ruling Elders were elected Com- 
missioners to the next G-eneral Assembly, viz : Willis L. Miller 
and Edward Hines, Ministers, Mr. M. Y. Lanier and Edwin G. 
Keade, Ruling Elders, 


The following ministers and ruling Elders were chosen as al- 
ternates in the order in which they stand, viz : 

P. A. McMartin and J. M. Kirkpatrick, Ministers. A. W, 
Yenable and Dr. D. P. Weir, Ruling Elders. 

The Committee of Domestic Missions nominated ths following 
list of supplies which was accepted and adopted, viz : 

Eev. C. Phillips 

" T. G. Wall, 
J. M. Sherwood, 

" J. M. Atkinson, 

" J. B. Shearer, 

" A. Currie, 
A. G. Hughes, 
Eev. F. Whaley, 

" E. Hines, 

" J. Doll, 

" C. Phillips, 

" C. H. Wiley, 

" P. A. McMartin, 
Rev. S. A. Stanfield, 

" J. M. Kirkpatrick, 
Rev. J. W. Montgomery, 
Rev. D. E. Jordan, 
Alex. Wilson, D. D., 
0. H. Wiley, 
E. W. Caruthers, D. D., 
U. H. Wiley, 
James Phillips, D. D., 
Rev. F. H. Johnston, 
Rev. E. H. Harding, 
Rev. Thos. U. Faucette, 
Rev. Joseph M. Atkinson, 

one Sabbath 
3d Sab. in December, 


3d " " January, 

3d February, 

3d " " March, 

3d " " April, 

3d " May, 

4 " " November, 

4 " " December, 

4 " " January, 

4 " " February, 

4 " " March, * 

4 ^' " April, 

4 " " May, 
one Sabbath, 


one Sabbath, 

two Sabbaths, 
one " 





High Point, 
u a 

Spring Grove, 
Halifax Co., 

The Committee on the Minutes of the General Assembly made 
the following report which was accepted and adopted, viz : 

The Committee on the Minutes of the General Assembly re- 
port the following : 

1. We call to the attention of Presbytery the resolution of the 


Assembly on the subject of Presbyterial o^^ersigbt of candidates, 
and suggest the appointment of a Cointnittee to report a detail- 
ed plan to the next meeting of the Presbytery. 

2. We recommend to the Churches under the care of this Pres- 
bytery the observance of the second Monday of January 1860 as 
a season of special prayer for the conversion of the world. 

3. We recommend earnestly the resolution of the Assembly 
on the sanctitication of the Sabbath, to the attention of our pas- 
tors and sessions. 

Rev. J. Henry Smith and Rev. J. Doll were then appointed 
a Committee in accordance with the suggestion in die 1st Sec. 
of the above report. 

Rev. J. W. Montgomery was appointed to organize a church 
at Wentworth if the way be open. 

The Committee on the memorials from the Churches of Clarkes- 
ville and Spring Hill made the following report which was accep- 
ted and adopted, viz : 

The Committee to whom were referred the memorials in rela- 
tion to the Churches of Clarkesville and Spring Hill, report, that 
they have considered the subject and in view of the fact that the 
Church of Danville has not concurred and the Church of Penu- 
11 has not been consulted in the action of the other Churches, 
would recommend that the matter be submitted anew to these 
several Churches that harmony of action may be attained if 

Resolved^ That Rev. S. A. Stantield be and is hereby elected by 
this Presbytery an Evangelist for the Eastern portion of Orange 
Presbytery for one year, and that his salary be One Thousand 
Dollars to be paid in regular quarterly installments from the 
time that he begins his work. 

The Committee on systematic benevolence made the follow- 
ing report which was accepted and adopted, viz : 

Your committee begs leave to make the ioUowing report on 
systematic benevolence m Orange Presbytery. It appears on 
the whole that the contributions to the several Boards of our 
church and the various objects of benevolence have been on the 
increase during the past year, and on the part of several of the 
churches within our bounds, this increase is very gratifying and 


affords occasion for special thanksgiving. It is a matter of re- 
gret, however, that more than one third of our churches have 
either given very little or nothing towards benevolent purposes. 
Some have given nothing and others, while they have contrib- 
■uted something to one or two of the Boards, have neglected the 
others entirely. Your Committee would respectfully suggest the 
propriety of calling the attention ot these churches, many of 
which are vacant, to their duty in this respect, and recommends 
that Pastors and Stated Supplies appointed by Presbytery to 
visit and preach at all our vacant churches, be requested to bring 
the matter more prominently before them, and enjoin it upon 
them to give statedly of their means to the carrying out of the 
christian and benevolent purposes of our church. 

An adjourned meeting of Presbytery was appointed to con- 
vene at Madison, I^". G., at 12 o'clock on Friday before the 1st 
Sabbath in December next, with a view to the ordination and 
installation of Mr. D. E. Jordan if the way be open ; 

Pev. J. Henry Smith to preside, preach the ordination aermon, 
make the ordination prayer and propose the constitutional ques- 
tions. And Pev. S. A. Stanfield was appointed his alternate. 

Pev. J. Doll to charge the people and Pev. John M. Kirkpat- 
rick his alternate ; Pev. John W. Montgomery to charge the 
Pastor and the Pev. F. H. Johnston his alternate. 

2d Cor. 5 : 21, was assigned to Mr. Jordan as a text for a trial 

Permission was granted by Presbytery to the members of 
Speedwell Church to join at Wentworth so soon as a church shall 
be organized at that place ; there being no Session at Speed- 
well to grant them a regular dismission. 

Resolved^ That the thanks of this Presbytery be tendered 
through the Pastor of this church, to the people of Clarkesville 
and vicinity for their kindness and hospitality to the members of 
this Presbytery — to the Episcopal, Methodist and Baptist 
churches for the tender of their houses of worship, and to the P. 
P. Conipanj^ for their kindness to the members of this Presby- 

Presbytery then adjourned to meet in Wilmington, N". C, 
during the Sessions of Synod at the . call of the Moderator. 
Closed with prayer. ' J . Doll, Stated Clerk. 


O F 


Wilmington, K C, Nov. 2nd, 1859. 

Presbytery met at the call of the Moderator and was opened 
with prayer. But not being prepared for business a^recess was 
taken to meet at the call of the Moderator. 

Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 1859. — Presbytery met at the call of the 
Moderator, when Kev. Messrs. Willis L. Miller, P. H. Dalton, 
C. PhilUps and T. G. Wall were appointed a Committee to con- 
fer with Fayetteville Presbytery with reference to changing the 
boundary line between them. Presbytery then took a recess to 
meet again at the call of the Moderator. 

Friday, November 4th, 1859.— Presbytery met at the call of the 
Moderator; when the Committee appointed to confer with 
Payetteville Presbytery in regard to the boundary line between 
them, reported that they had discharged this duty and that noth- 
ing can be done at present. Presbytery then took a recess to 
meet again at the call of the Moderator. 

Saturday, November 5, 1859. — Presbytery met at the call of 
the Moderator. 

Whereupon, the Presbytery adjourned to meet in Madison, N. 
C, at 12 o'clock, M., on Friday before the first Sabbath in De- 
cember, 1859. Closed with prayer. 

J. Doll, Stated Clerk.